Music Player by Websyms

by Websyms IT Solutions
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Add your audio playlist for every product and page

Key features

Create Unlimited Playlists: We give you the ability to create unlimited playlists with unlimited songs.

Free Player Themes: You can choose the player theme from many themes available in the app. All themes are free of cost.

One click Go: No coding required. Just install the app and start using it.

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$5.99/month. 7-day free trial.


Add background music to your site for the client

Key features

Push users to the aim action: By means of the appropriate playlist you’ll be able to inspire visitors to take an action you want them to take

Establish a great environment: Supply your users with a wonderful playlist which will perfectly comply with your site's style

Upgrade the user experience: Give your visitors control over the tracks uploaded for them and they won't give up your homepage in a rush

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$5.99/month. 7-day free trial.


Provide your audience with useful and entertaining info

Key features

Draw loyal visitors easily: Each podcast includes helpful information presented in a convenient form that makes visitors return to you for a fresh episode

Form a friendly community: The fame of podcasts is growing rapidly so you may swiftly attract new pleased listeners

Grant a fresh experience: Podcasts may be listened practically anywhere user finds it convenient so you can be sure your audience will admire this form of info

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Get your audio tracks in front of potential customers.

Key features

Preview audio tracks: Offer peace of mind by allowing customers to preview your audio tracks before buying.

Delight your users: Improve your customers' experience by playing music while they browse your site.

Reinforce your brand: Play music from your physical stores to recreate a familiar connection with your users.


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Add music player for each product

Key features