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Post Studio - Auto post your product to Twitter & social media

Key features

Huge time saver!: Create, schedule and send as many posts as you want to social media pages, based on your selected collections. Product video maker now live!

Easy social media automation: No manual work, just press play and we will post products to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest (soon) + automatic discounts

Reach more customers daily: Showcase more products to your social media followers every day easily. Works with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest coming soon.

Twitter Auto Posting

by SpurIT UAB
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Auto post about new products on Twitter

Key features

Auto tweet about new products: The app automatically posts to your Twitter account about new products.

Save time on SMM: Specify how many, which products, and what time you want them to be posted.

Boost Twitter followers: Increase your company online presence, demonstrate customers your loyalty and grow your sales!

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Automate products post to Twitter, Facebook, etc..

Key features

More Reach Twitter & Facebook: Tweet and Post new products to increase your Facebook and Twitter presence and the number of people who are aware of your business

Sell with Facebook & Twitter: By making sure customers are aware of new products on Facebook and Twitter Lotus AutoPost will increase traffic and sales to your website.

Save time Twitter & Facebook: You don't have to spend long countless hours doing the same things on Facebook and Twitter over and over again. Lotus Auto Post will do it