Please Stay

by Lamify
5.0 (13 reviews)
$9.99/month. 7-day free trial.


Recover Sales with Your Tab

Key features

Recover inactive customers: Convert inactive customers into sales with your shop's browser tab. When customers switch tabs, Please Stay brings them back.

Complete tab customization: Completely customize your tab with animations, messages, favicons and triggers. Easy to use dashboard makes customization insanely simple.

Track the money you rescue: See exactly how much money your new supercharged tab brings back. We'll track how much money is recovered and visitors brought back.


Recover by Oriontec

by Oriontec
5.0 (4 reviews)
Free to install. Additional charges may apply.


Recover your lost visitors by animating your store’s tab

Key features

Recover lost visitors: Recover brings back lost potential customers by making your store's Tab flash when a visitor goes to another Tab.

Make more sales: You are losing sales every day because of distracted customers. Bring them back and close more sales with Recover.a

Increase conversion rate: Convert recovered visitors with a Welcome-Back Popup. Fully customize your Popup with a witty message or video to maximise conversions.

Recover Sales Tab

by Switchback HQ
5.0 (7 reviews)


Abandoned Cart Recovery, Abandoned Checkout, Recover Cart

Key features

Recover Sales: When someone abandons cart GRAB them back and recover the sales opportunity.

Increase Conversions: Instead of losing customers to distractions, bring them back to your store and increase your overall conversions.

Track Recovered Cart: Track how many visitors come back because of this app and see the money pile up.



by ENS Enterprises Private Limited
5.0 (11 reviews)


Get attention, sell more with moving text and animated icons

Key features

Grab attention: Use Tabicon app to grab attention of customer with stylised icons/animation on tab when they are planning to leave your website

No technical skill required: We created Tabicon so simple to use, so you just need to install and can easily configure text/ Images and icons of your own choice

Professional and stylised look: It allows you to setup special occasion information on browser tab. You can pick an emoji instantly or upload your own favicon

Tabs by Station

by Station
4.9 (314 reviews)
Free plan available


Easily add professional tabs or accordions to your products.

Key features

Make tabs: Make tabs automatically by using headings in your product descriptions. No coding required.

Manage tabs: Create custom tabs and assign them to products by collections, tags, vendors or types for the ultimate time saver.

Style tabs: Use the style designer to customize the look of your tabs for a perfect match with your shop.


Magical Browser Tab Animations

by Effective Apps
4.9 (35 reviews)


Abandoned cart recovery: Flashing inactive users' browser tab

Key features

Increase Sales & Conversions: Save sales by calling back inactive customers who left your store's tab to another one and increase conversions

Draw Back Inactive Customers: Draw your customers' attention back to your store with a unique tab animation, favicon and text that can't be ignored by the human eye!

No Code Is Needed: No code is needed to install and activate the app. The app will magically start working immediately after installation!