by Zetya
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The #1 Rated App for Appointments, Classes and Product Rentals

Key features

Real Time Availability: Allow customers to book anytime, anywhere with real time availability. Supports no charge bookings and an instant Book Now Button.

Booking Reminders: Send customizable email/ SMS reminders either individually or to the group. Add product specific reminders and automated reminders.

Flexible Booking Options: Set availability and duration by staff member, product, variant or resource. Supports and/or logic for sophisticated resource management.


Event Calendar App

by Event Calendar App
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Market and sell your events with an incredible Event Calendar.

Key features

Make your events look amazing.: Our platform transforms your website into an event marketing machine. Customers can browse, search, filter and subscribe to your events.

Sell Tickets & Collect RSVPs: RSVP and payment support enables you to see exactly who's coming to your event. Take payment directly from your own website.

Works with virtual events: ECA works with in-person and virtual events. Set up RSVP's or sell tickets to events hosted in Zoom, Skype, Hangouts etc.

Events Calendar

by inlight labs
3.2 (37 reviews)
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Display a beautiful events calendar on your store

Key features

3 calendar layouts: Choose from our Monthly, Weekly or Agenda layout to display the events in the way that best matches your website

Sync with external calendars: Connect your Google, Outlook or Eventbrite calendars with our app and automatically display all the events in one place.

Over 30 languages: Choose from over 30 supported languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian and more.

5.0 (15 reviews)
$29.99/year. 7-day free trial.


24 opportunities to increase your sales in the holiday season

Key features

24 ways to boost your sales: Promote daily changing promotions like product releases, sale campaigns, promo codes or raffles. Let customers visit your shop every day.

Contact your customers daily: 24 good reasons to contact your customers everyday with interesting information.

We love you!: From store owners - for store owners: We exactly understand your problems - we created this app with heart and according to your needs!

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24 ways to boost your sales during the holiday season

Key features

24 ways to boost your sales: Promote daily deals like sale campaigns, discount codes, product & collection releases, increase newsletter signups, and more.

Engage with your customers: Keep your customers coming back each day for more daily deals. Great way to engage with your customers during the Christmas season.

No coding needed!: Set up 24 daily deals to boost your Christmas sales - just install and you're ready to go!

4.5 (285 reviews)
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Appointment Booking - Booking System - Booking Calendar

Key features

24/7 Booking System: Booking availability 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Cut workforce labor significantly. Improve your conversion rate.

Flexible Appointment Booking: Allow clients to book a course/sport/service and more. Appointments and staff are well managed in the admin calendar.

Email reminder: Automatic email notifications to customers and employees. Easy to sync appointments to Google Calendar and Apple Calendar.


by Gist
5.0 (6 reviews)
$9.99/month. 30-day free trial.


Choose your Shipping Rate on a Dynamic Delivery Date Calendar.

Key features

Removing Checkout Steps: By bringing Delivery Date and Shipping Rate Selection into one checkout step, you reduce the time it takes for your customer to checkout.

Easy Integration: We pull your preexisting Shipping Rules so you don't have to worry about setting new rules or anything complicated. It's plug in and go.

Next Level UX: An efficient and fun user experience is an often overlooked aspect of e-commerce. Calendar Rate was designed to blow your customers' minds.

The Shop Calendar

by The Shop Apps
5.0 (14 reviews)
$5/month. 7-day free trial.


A calendar widget to help you showcase events, promos and more

Key features

Your Store, Your Calendar: Embed the calendar into your store. The calendar will use your current website fonts, colors and display your events in an intuitive way.

Optimized for mobile: Most online calendars are desktop only. The Shop Calendar was built with mobile in mind first. Our web calendar is pretty good too (wink!)

Integrate your other calendars: The Shop Calendar makes it easy to integrate your other calendars from apps like Eventbrite, Google Calendar, Apple Calendar and more.