COD Order Confirmation

by Softpulse Infotech
4.4 (75 reviews)
Free to install. Additional charges may apply.


For India | Verify COD Orders by IVR Call, SMS or OTP

Key features

Auto Order Confirmation: Auto order confirmation via IVR Phone call, SMS & OTP for Cash on Delivery (COD) orders.

Reduce return ratio & cost: Reduce product return ratio and save your valuable time for unnecessary shipments because of fake/dummy orders.

Easy to manage: Tags for filter and process orders easily.

2.0 (12 reviews)
$29.90/month. 7-day free trial.


Customizable Cash On Delivery Shipping Methods

Key features

Customizable COD Payment: Provide customizable shipping rates for your customers

Custom COD fees: Charge custom COD fees based on order amount or weight

Limit Your Area: Display advanced COD shipping options only in the country of your choice

2.1 (70 reviews)


Control how buyers use COD on your store (India only)

Key features

Extra COD fee: Add an extra shipping charge for Cash on Delivery orders

Limit COD availability: Make COD available for specific postal codes & for orders within a certain price range

COD availability checker: Allow your buyers to see if COD is available on the product page

4.8 (39 reviews)
$10/month. 7-day free trial.


Order form for COD. Cash-on-delivery quick orders. Pre-orders.

Key features

Quick order submission for COD: Let your customers submit a quick order in one single click with simple popup form. Improve your conversion rate for COD orders

Collect only COD data you need: Simplify order process for your cash on delivery orders, pre-orders collecting only information you need with our form builder

Cash on delivery & pre-orders: Easily handle pre-orders, COD orders, custom product requests and other type of orders which do not require immediate payment (COD)


4.8 (27 reviews)
Free plan available. Additional charges may apply.


COD / Cash on Delivery order verification by OTP to reduce RTO

Key features

Confirm COD Orders: COD customers confirm their order with an OTP after checkout. This verifies their number and re-confirms their intent of making a purchase.

Reduce RTO: Reduce RTO on your ecommerce store by eliminating fake/ unserious orders. Orders with verified mobile numbers also deliver quicker.

Whatsapp for Instant Delivery: No customer will ever wait indefinitely for an OTP. With one click, your customers can receive the OTP on Whatsapp.

2.6 (5 reviews)
Free to install. Additional charges may apply.


For Saudi Arabia | Save money by avoid fake & fraud orders

Key features

Auto COD verification via SMS: App will send an SMS on customer's phone for COD order confirmation with an attached link.

Reduce return ratio & cost: Once order is verified, it will save you valuable time and money by reducing unnecessary fraud order shipments.

Easy to manage: App will add tags based on customer's action so that you can filter & manage orders within orders listing of store's admin.