Digital Downloads

by Shopify
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Sell digital products in your store

Key features

Attach files to your products: Digital attachments are linked to a variant on a particular product and will track sales and downloads.

Customers get files instantly: Your customers get a direct download after checkout, and an emailed link.

Automatically send updates: Updating the attached file can automatically send an updated download link to your customers.


by SendOwl
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From $15/month. 30-day free trial.


The wise way to sell your digital products

Key features

Instant and automatic delivery: Downloads are issued via a secure, expiring download link to keep your files safe from unwanted attention

A company you can trust: We're backed by a full time team whose only job is to improve and expand SendOwl. No part-timers here!

Proven performance: We've delivered over 8 million orders for Shopify customers and we're the only digital delivery app to be offered on Shopify Plus

Sky Pilot ‑ Digital Downloads

by Corknine Development
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From $15/month. 14-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.


Sell digital files and streaming videos

Key features

Sell digital files and videos: Automatically deliver downloadable digital files and streaming videos to your customers immediately after their purchase.

Simple delivery: Easy-to-access and navigate the delivery and storage of multiple files and videos that can be sold with physical products seamlessly.

Your store, your branding: All delivery pages are hosted directly within your branded Shopify store so your customers will never have to leave your site.



by FetchApp
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Free plan available. Additional charges may apply.


The easiest way to sell digital downloads.

Key features

Flexible to Your Needs: Attach multiple files to a single product, associate a single file with several products or restrict downloads by time, quantity, or both.

Easy Order Management: Receive orders through multiple carts and gateways and manage in one place. Manually expire, reopen and resend orders at any time.

No commission fees: We don’t take commission on your sales. Our low monthly fees are based only on your storage needs Free & self-hosted plans also available


by Single, Inc.
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D2C Creator Tools - Music, Monetized Video, & Fan Insights

Key features

Monetized Video: Sell Livestreaming, On-Demand or Pay Per View video access directly to fans from within your store. Own your branding, content and data!

Audio & Music Delivery: Sell music direct to your own fans and keep more revenue! Tracks, pre-orders and album bundles with automated chart reporting and upsells.

Fan Insights Data Dashboard: Quickly identify your superfans based on purchase data from your store. Create lasting relationships for better sales & market strategies.



by Tomorrows Designs
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Free plan available. 30-day free trial.


Attach Digital Files, to any Product or Page

Key features

Product Videos: Make buying your product fun. 50% of people say they're more confident when buying a product online, if they see a video.

Digital Downloads: Create relations between digital files and products. Provide additional value, and increase your customers buying experience.

How-to & Schematics: Product and service download files bring value, and communicate how your offering will solve their pain in a compelling way.