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Minimum and maximum limits on your cart, products and groups

Key features

LIMIT ORDERS: Limit orders for sale items, free & shipping items, or because someone just ordered 200 samples from your store

MINIMUM OR MAXIMUM: Limit on any order based on Individual product, cart total, number of items, products within a group, based on customer tags or weight

REMIND CUSTOMERS AUTOMATICALLY: Customers will be reminded that they need to add or remove something from their cart before they can proceed to checkout


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Simple min and max product and order limits plus much more

Key features

Specify Product Mins and Maxs: With OrderLogic you can specify minimums and maximums as well as multiple constraints for products, insuring you only sell what you intend.

Set Minimum Orders: You can specify minimum orders as well as maximum orders by price or item quantity limits. Have an MOQ you need to enforce? Now you can.

Extremely Simple Interface: OrderLogic is laid out in a super user intuitive manner, where the actions and intent just make sense. There is nothing getting in your way.


by Akuna Technologies
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Setting Min-Max Quantities now made Easy

Key features

Easily Define Min & Max: With Quanitfy, you can now easily set minimum and maximum quantity for your products, orders etc., so that you sell only the way you desire.

Simple and User-Friendly: The interface of Quantify has been developed with you in mind and to make everything easy. It is simple to use and user-friendly.

Control your Cart: Easily specify the minimum and maximum quantities for your cart so that you control how much you sell.

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Min/Max limits for your store!

Key features

Min & Max for your products: Limitsify allows you to set up multiple minimum and maximum limits for your store.

Multiple limits variants: Set minimum and maximum limits based on price, SKU, weight, category, vendor and much more!

Easy to start: It takes only 5 minutes to start with our app -no coding needed!

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Quantity Discount/Breaks, Tiered Pricing & Volume Discounts,

Key features

Quantity Price: Quantity Price easy set up just one click you can add rule you want. Simple customize and manga, change rule suitable for campaigns.

Quantity Price Boost sale: Stimulate more customer shopping. Increase your sales revenue.

Limit purchase product: Help you limit the product purchase by the minimum or maximum quantity of that product.

3.5 (30 reviews)
From $2.99/month. 7-day free trial.


Easy minimum & maximum limits on your cart, products and more.

Key features

Min & Max order restrictions: Easily set minimum and maximum order limits on the entire cart, specific products, variants, collections, vendors, product type or tags.

Flexible limits: Enforce minimum and maximum limits based on total price, total quantity, the total number of different items, total weight or customers.

Easy to use: Designed with a user-friendly interface, MinCart is an easy-to-use, straightforward and intuitive app that requires no technical knowledge.

Limit Qty Purchase

by MageComp
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Limit Purchase Order Qty by Product, Collection or All Product

Key features

Limit Order Qty by Product: Set a Max and Min Qty can be Purchased for Individual Product. Products has Highest Priority which overrides Collection and Global Setting

Limit Number of Products: Set a Limit on Number of Products can be purchased from one Collection.

Lifetime Product Qty Limit: Now You can set up the lifetime / fixed days limit on specific product qty.