by Lightward
4.6 (394 reviews)
From $9/month. 15-day free trial.


Access control, for anything in your online store :)

Key features

Access control for everything.: Require registration, or a customer tag. Lock products behind a passcode. Create country-specific collections. Give customers secret links.

Simple setup. Auto-installed.: Mix and match locks and keys however you like - Locksmith lets you be creative about how you protect your shop, and who sees what content.

Support that loves you. :): We've been building Shopify apps for 10 years, and more than 10,000 merchants love what we build and how we support them. Come see why. :)


4.7 (165 reviews)
$7/month. 7-day free trial.


Restrict access to content. Hide price. Wholesale lock.

Key features

Restrict access: Limit access to any type of content: lock Pages, Products, Collections, Blogs, Cart or whole store. Hide price. Login for price.

Grant access: Grant access to any group of customers by number of orders, money spent, accepting marketing, tags or locations

Flexible access rules: Add more precise access rules (locks) with any combination of customer information


MagicPass Wholesale

by Impress
2.8 (58 reviews)
From $5/month. 30-day free trial.


Password protected pages. Simple wholesale.

Key features

Add a password to any page: Protect individual products, pages, collections and articles. Grant access using a single password or customer tags.

Apply discount on login: Offer bulk or percentage discounts using Shopify's coupons. Codes are automatically applied to your cart.

Simplest wholesale option: No duplicate products. Easily offer price breaks to your VIP and wholesale customers.

Advanced Registration

by Talon Commerce
4.8 (47 reviews)
$12.95/month. 7-day free trial.


Customize registry, approval, fields, login, & locks

Key features

Customizable Shop Registry: Allow or require your customers to give you additional registry information. Manually or automatically approve new customers.

Customer Editable Fields: EIN/Tax/VAT number, license information, email opt-in, phone, image, birthday, etc. fields. Allow customers to update them at any time.

Tailored Shop Locks: Lock your shop until your customers are registered and/or approved. Optionally, allow unregistered customers to view the shop but not buy.

2.8 (7 reviews)
From $5/month. 30-day free trial.


Collections accessible by secret URL only. No Passwords!

Key features

Secret URL: Hide any collection and make it accessible by secret URL only. Simply share the URL to give a customer access.

Integrates with search: Collections are hidden from your catalog, Google and storefront search. Once accessed, products can be searched and purchased like normal.

Perfect for mailing lists: Since there are no user accounts to manage, just a secret URL, Backroom is perfect for mailing list deals and private club collections.

5.0 (1 reviews)
$2.50/month. 25-day free trial.


Block your best selling products against unwanted use

Key features

Save Leakage Of Money: Block your best selling products to being copied by the competitor

Hide Money Making Product: Hide products which are best selling or display custom message to competitor

Increase Revenue: You can hide your best selling products by collections. hide the products which are best selling in specific collections

Wholesale Lock Manager

by Wholesale Helper
4.6 (85 reviews)
$6.99/month. 8-day free trial.


Secure specific pages or your entire storefront with locks!

Key features

Hide products: Restrict/permit access to specific products, collections, URLs, or entire store by enabling simple locks.

Save Money!: Create your wholesale operations inside the main store by showing specific products to your wholesale customers only.

Support by a Wholesale Helper!: Grow your wholesale business with a 5-star support team ready to guide you to success. Emails/calls replied in 1 business day or less.