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Manual Payment Plan | Split, Share & Multiply Payments

Key features

Split Payments to Sell More: Customers can split payments or share them with others. Get more orders with even one big product on the showcase!

0% Payment Fee: Fair price with zero commission for all payments processed by the trusted Shopify billing system.

Partial Payments Synced: Orders and payments are synchronized to always be clear and up to date with your inventory.

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Pay Later or Pay Now, Wholesale Customer groups & Pricing

Key features

Charge when needed: Allow all or specific customers to order instantly, charge them whenever you want e.g NET30 etc. Customer can choose Pay Now or Pay Later

Send Invoice whenever required: Send order invoice manually or automatically to the customer to allow them to pay through Shopify checkout whenever required.

Wholesale Groups & Pricing: Create wholesale customer groups, Assign custom pricing to each product/variant, set custom price as per customer group.

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Convert more sales with flexible payment option messaging.

Key features

Show users they can pay later: Promoting the availability of payment plans on product and checkout pages increases your sales .

Personalize your messaging: The messaging can be personalized, creating a more intimate and unique online shopping experience, and more conversions for you.

Dedicated support team: A dedicated support team are standing by to assist with any app-related queries you might have, contact them at skosm@klarna.com.



by Laybuy
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Promote buy now, pay later payment plans

Key features

Show users they can pay later: Show your customers you offer Laybuy by showing price breakdowns on product and cart pages as well as updated footer payment icons.

No coding knowledge required: Easily add Laybuy and preview without any need to know HTML. Select where you want to show Laybuy and click save!

Preview before Publishing: Easily preview the Laybuy price breakdown on your site before you publish.