4.2 (141 reviews)
From $4/month. Additional charges may apply.


Traffic Control makes creating redirects for your shop easy.

Key features

Unlimited Redirects: Generate unlimited redirects for your shop automatically using a simple feed.

Redirect Orders: Never lose orders again due to 404 error pages.

Easy To Use: Manage redirects seamlessly through an easy to use platform.


Easy Redirects by ESC

by Eastside Co
4.4 (80 reviews)
Free plan available


Bulk 301 Redirects & 404 Error Management

Key features

Take the pain out of redirects: Bulk URL uploads makes fixing 301 redirects quick and easy, whether you’re migrating between sites or updating products and pages.

Don’t lose traffic or sales: Ensure your visitors don't land on 404 page errors and leave your site to buy elsewhere. Alerts and tools let you resolve 404s with ease.

Maintain your site ranking: Search engines take page errors into account when crawling your site. Fix 404 errors which could damage your search engine ranking.

GeoIP Country Redirect

by Spice Gems
4.9 (95 reviews)
$7.50/month. 15-day free trial.


Redirect Visitors based on the IP Address. IP Redirect

Key features

Automatically redirect a user: Automatically Redirect user to different store based on his IP address. You may also Display a redirect Message in a Popup Box or Top Bar

Increase Conversions: Redirect visitors to the store designed for their region. This will boost conversion for your Ecommerce Business

Google Bot / IP Exclusion: App does not redirect Google Bot, so rest assured that all versions of your store will be indexed by Google. App also supports IP exclusion

Cozy Country Redirect

by eCommerce Addons
4.9 (272 reviews)
From $6.99/month. 21-day free trial.


Geolocation Geo IP Redirect Visitors, Geo Apps+

Key features

Fast and Easy Redirect Users: Auto redirect your visitors without popup or bar based on their Geo IP Location. Redirect visitors to correct store based on their region.

Geo Ip Redirect with Popup Bar: Highly Customised Popup Redirect based on Visitors Geo Location. Suggest your visitors to redirect with a PopUp or Bar. Easy Popup Builder

Search and Ad safe IP Redirect: Our app doesn't block Google bot (or any other bot) and unique campaign intercept feature also avoid adwords' destination mismatch error.


4.4 (35 reviews)
$2/month. 7-day free trial.


Block or redirect visitors by IPs, regions, and countries

Key features

Block unwanted visitors: Block unwanted visitors from accessing your store, only perform the content where you want to

Redirect restricted visitors: Redirect your visitors to another website instantly by IP address, regions, and countries

Protect yourself from fraud: Keep you far away from stalkers, minimize fake orders from blocked regions

Woosh Country Redirect

by Electric Apps
3.6 (15 reviews)
$2.49/month. 31-day free trial.


Geolocation, IP redirect, Custom Block Notice, IP Log & more!

Key features

Configure your Block Notice: Want to inform customers that your products are not available in their region? Well, you can say so with with Woosh's Custom Block Notice!

Block Certain Visitors: Only perform business where you want to. Whether you can't ship to certain regions or cannot legally, block customers in those locations.

Redirect by IP, State, Country: Have multiple regional website? Redirect your customers instantly with Woosh's instant-redirect feature! Woosh them to convert with Woosh!

EasyGeo: Region Redirect

by Something Neat Studio
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From $5.99/month. 7-day free trial.


Redirect customers based on country, region, city or currency

Key features

Targeted Redirect: Redirect or block customers based on currencies, countries, cities or regions (states, provinces... etc)

Customized popup option: Notify customers with customized popups that align with your brand identity. Alternatively, you can redirect visitors directly

SEO friendly: EasyGeo doesn't redirect search engine crawlers like google bot. We don't mess with your SEO game.