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Improve reader engagement: Suggest relevant posts of yours on your Shopify blog to improve reader engagement

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Show Related Blog Posts: Keep your readers engaged by showcasing the most relevant blog posts to them.

Show Related Products: Turn readers to shoppers by featuring the products most related to the post being read.

Show Related Product Blog Post: Add related content to your product pages such as reviews and recipes to drive buyer decisions

Better Related Blog Posts

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SEO Booster: Using Better Related Blog Posts created crucial link between your blogposts that will boost your internal SEO

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Related Products & Blogs

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Let display relevant products and relevant blog posts.

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Multiple features at Ease: Simple and single window interface to make advance and multiple settings for related blogs & products.

Aware About Related Items: Showing related information on products and blogs will help to increase sales with giving proper details of the other similar items.

Reduce Allocation Time: Facility to allocate randomly products & blogs vice versa with just one click where stores have huge product counts.