4.9 (1344 reviews)
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Sticky ATC, Quick Buy, Cart Slider with Upsell, Sticky Cart ..

Key features

Sticky ATC & Checkout Buttons: Makes it as easy as possible for your customers to buy with Sticky Add To Cart Bar & as easy to checkout with Sticky Checkout Bar

Impossible to Miss Sticky Cart: The cart is always visible for easier checkout! With Sticky Cart it is impossible for your customers to miss where to checkout

Quick Buy on Product Listings: Allows customers to buy directly from product listings whether they are on the homepage, collection page, widget etc...

One Click Checkout

by SpurIT UAB
4.6 (170 reviews)
Free plan available


Fast Checkout: Buy Now & Skip to Checkout. Add to Cart Button

Key features

Fast Checkout Popup: Show сart items in a pop up when shoppers click on the Add to Cart button. Send users directly to the checkout!

Buy Now + Add to Cart Button: Boost sales by skipping a cart with the Buy Now button. Or provide the standard Add to Cart process.

More Sales w/Direct Checkout: Fewer steps to checkout: remove a time-consuming cart page loading. Buy now at its finest.

Ultimate Sticky Add to Cart

by Conversion Bear
5.0 (135 reviews)
$9.99/month. 7-day free trial.


Fast checkout with sticky add to cart.

Key features

Always Visible Add to Cart: Get more clicks with Sticky Add to Cart bar on every product page, on any device. Increase urgency with a beautiful countdown timer.

Boost Sales with Fast Checkout: Fast checkout process by skipping the cart and sending customers directly to checkout. Buy now at it's finest.

Reduce Cart Abandonment: Add your pixels. Bring your customers back with Facebook, Pinterest and Snapchat retargeting.


Sticky Add To Cart & Buy Bar

by Today's Project
4.8 (83 reviews)
$3.95/month. 7-day free trial.


Explode sales with Sticky Product Bar & Sticky Buy Now Button!

Key features

Sticky Buy Now = More Sales: Sticky buy now and add to cart button stops you from losing sales by making it easier for your shoppers to buy

Sticky Boosts Conversion Rates: Sticky buy now button boosts conversion rates with attention-grabbing buy button animations

7-Day Free Trial With Sticky: Sticky buy now button comes with a 7-day free trial so you can see it working before you buy


4.9 (206 reviews)


Including Sticky Cart + Mini Cart + Sticky Add to cart Bar

Key features

Sticky Add to cart + Quick buy: Create Sticky Add to cart Bar on all product pages, easy add product in cart anytime and quick checkout after.

Reduce Abandoned Cart: Sticky Cart is always visible on all pages. It can go straight to quick Checkout, to Cart page or open Mini cart.

Easy customizing Sticky Cart: 1-click to enable Sticky cart or Sticky Add to cart bar. Many options are available to customize. No coding required and no hidden fees.

4.9 (45 reviews)
$6.49/month. 5-day free trial.


Boost your Revenue by making super easy Add To Cart & Checkout

Key features

More Revenue per Sale: By making the Add To Cart actions a lot easier and friendly, the average number of items on every cart increaes substantially.

More Call To Action Buttons: Call-to-action buttons are the cheaper and easy way to make user take relevant actions(Add To Cart and Checkout). Have it in a few clicks!

All-In-One App, 3 in 1: We made Add To Cart Checkout Booster putting together all call to-action tools that works in 1 app. Sticky Bar + 1-Click To Cart + Quick Buy

Skip Cart

by Simplify Apps
4.5 (142 reviews)
Free plan available. Additional charges may apply.


Skip To Checkout,Upsell,Buy Now,Sticky Add to Cart,Buy Button

Key features

Increase Sales!: Prevent your customers from second guessing themselves & abandoning their cart by skipping the cart page and going straight to checkout!

Increase Sales Even More!!: Use Discounted Upsell to convert those few extra sales just before going straight to checkout!

100+ Features All in One!!!: Use our All In One app to create a unified & seamless experience for your customers & save money in your own pocket at the same time!


Add to cart button ‑ Nice

by Goldendev | Nice
4.9 (63 reviews)
$9.99/month. 30-day free trial.


Boost sales with sticky add to cart button & sticky cart now!

Key features

Sticky cart: The sticky cart will make it easier for customers to go to checkout. It will help you increase conversions together with buy button!

Sticky cart & buy button: Sticky add to cart button and sticky cart will improve shopping experience by making it easier for your customers to add items to the cart.

Boost sales with add to cart!: Buy button will boost your sales as your customers will be able to reach checkout faster. Add to cart buttons will be on all products!

5.0 (89 reviews)
From $2.99/month. 3-day free trial.


Fast Checkout, Boost Sales with bypass Cart,Buy Now,ReCharge

Key features

Boost Sales & Easy to Install: Boost Sales with Animated and Attractive Buy It Now button. Easy to install, no hard code required.

Bypass Cart Page: Send Users Directly to Checkout Page. Fast way to checkout.

Fully Customized: Edit the look and feel of your Buy Now button to match your store's brand with animation effects. Works on mobile + web.

Skip To Checkout

by Koala Apps
4.6 (71 reviews)
$4.99/month. 3-day free trial.


Fast Checkout, avoid Cart & Buy Now App,Custom Checkout Button

Key features

Increase sales Easily & Fast: Avoid cart page and send your buyers directly to Checkout. Increase sales and reduce abandoned carts. save critical time at purchase funnel

FREE-Custom Skip to Checkout: NEW! Choose which product will avoid cart to checkout. Easily pick if the "Add to Cart" or "Buy Now" is needed for your fast checkout.

FREE Guide-Update Buy Now Text: Update the "ADD TO CART" text to "BUY NOW" or any other CTA. Push your buyers to fast checkout. Avoid cart & reduce your abandoned carts!

3.9 (146 reviews)
Free plan available. 14-day free trial.


Boost sales with sticky Add To Cart, Skip the cart page

Key features

Reduce number of abandon carts: Skip the cart and send customers directly to checkout when they click "Add to cart". Reduce the number of abandoned cart by skip the cart

Sticky add to cart button: Skip the cart page & sticky add to cart widgets will improve your sales. You will get more sales with sticky cart on product page.

Popup product upsell & bundle: Show the popup with upsell products to make more money After user hit Add To Cart button.

4.6 (412 reviews)
Free plan available. 5-day free trial.


Pass Add To Cart direct to checkout! Buy Now button animation.

Key features

No More Cart Page: Less steps means more sales. Increase conversion rate of your store.

Animated Buy Now Button: Animation on the button draws buyers’ attention and helps them make a decision faster. Choose from the most effective animation styles.

Customized For Your Store: Fully compatible with the theme of your store, but at the same time customizable if needed.

SC (Sticky Cart)

by TenGrowth
5.0 (7 reviews)


Add a sticky Add to Cart icon to encourage customers to buy.

Key features

Speed up and simplify ordering: Let customers check out fast using the Sticky Cart icon on the pages you want (product pages, collection pages, or the homepage).

Motivate customers to purchase: The floating Sticky Cart icon will always be visible to your shoppers regardless of page scrolling.

Easy launch and configuration: Set up the Stickly Add to Cart app in one click and configure intuitive settings and the icon design without any tech skills.