4.4 (807 reviews)
Free plan available. 30-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.


Automated Cart Recovery, WhatsApp Chat & Share,Notifications

Key features

WhatsApp Chat + WhatsApp Share: Provide quick & easy customer support service via WhatsApp Chat button. Increase referral sales with WhatsApp Share button.

WhatsApp Abandon Cart Recovery: AUTOMATED & Manual Abandoned Cart Recovery + WhatsApp Marketing. Automatically include discounts & win back lost sales.

Order notifications & COD: Send order confirmation, order tracking, COD Cash on Delivery notifications with WhatsApp CRM. Happy Customers = Repeat Business

WhatsApp Chat & Abandoned Cart

by WATI: WhatsApp Team Inbox
3.9 (8 reviews)
$4.99/month. 7-day free trial.


Team Inbox, Abandoned Cart, Order Update, Chatbot for WhatsApp

Key features

Delight your Customers: SHARED TEAM INBOX and CHATBOT to support your customers on WhatsApp. Manage Contacts & more

Grow your Store Revenue: AUTOMATIC Abandoned Cart Reminders to turn abandoned cart users into paying users by sending personalized notifications

Two Way Communication: Send Order, Delivery Updates in multiple languages from your dedicated WhatsApp number. Reply to conversations and delight your customers



by Sherpas Design
4.8 (396 reviews)
Free to install. Additional charges may apply.


Let your customers be your store ambassadors!

Key features

Share your amazing products: Why not let your customers spread the word about your products? With WhatShare you can let your customers share your products on Whatsapp.

Drive more targeted traffic: With WhatShare you customers will share and recommend your products to their friends and contacts thus bringing more customers to your shop.

Boost your revenue for free: WhatShare boosts your store visibility and revenue by bringing highly targeted traffic to your site. And it is free!

WhatsApp Chat + Cart Recovery

by Softpulse Infotech
4.8 (558 reviews)
Free plan available. 45-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.


AUTO Abandoned Cart Recovery, WhatsApp Chat,Share,FAQ,Tracking

Key features

Instant WhatsApp Chat & Share: Provide Instant customer support using WhatsApp Chat. Boost referral sales with help of sharing feature. Visitors will be your promoter.

Abandoned Cart Recovery: Contact customers directly using WhatsApp (Automated or Manual), Offer some good discount & convert them easily. Android & iOS App available

Order Notification: Automate your routine job this BFCM which increases customer retention & trust. Auto Order Confirmation & Order Fulfilment notifications.


WhatsApp Notification

by eShopCRM
4.8 (43 reviews)
Free to install. Additional charges may apply.


Automated Whatsapp notification with your own whatsapp number.

Key features

Automated Cart Recovery: Create templates with discount and send Abandoned Cart recovery messages with a 1-click using your own Whatsapp number and our Android App.

Order & Tracking Notifications: Send Order Confirmation and Tracking updates with a single click using your own number and our Android App.

Whatsapp Live Chat Button: Add Whatsapp Live Chat button to your website, which visitors can use to start a conversation with you on Whatsapp.

4.0 (29 reviews)
Free plan available. 7-day free trial.


Live Chat With Website Visitors through WhatsApp

Key features

Sales Channel - Whatsapp: Chat with leads/Instant sharing through Whatsapp, Customise/design your CTA suited to your taste & design of the website.

Advance Placement Options: WhatSocial provides you with multiple options to place CTA button in Horizontal/Vertical alignment which leads to high conversion rates.

Support/Upsell/Coupons: Use it as an opportunity to provide support through Whatsapp, Upsell more products, send coupons on Whatsapp & more.

4.0 (13 reviews)
$1.99/month. 1-day free trial.


Customer share products with their contacts in WhatsApp easy

Key features

Cheapest Marketing: A store owner can be done cheap marketing. Totally Free apps so share via WhatsApp to get hug order.

Increased Traffic: Visitors will share products with their WhatsApp contacts and you will have extra free traffic.

Easy To Use: The normal user can use easy to handle apps. need only put a simple code in the file.

4.6 (38 reviews)
Free plan available


Chat live, build relationships & boost sales

Key features

Provide Live Support: Choose between pre-designed chat plugins for Messenger & WhatsApp and build relationships with your customers on their favourite channels

Grow Messenger Contacts: Activate a beautiful popup theme or checkbox to collect Facebook Messenger contacts and automatically send them a discount code

Recover Carts & Sell More: Run automated campaigns on Facebook Messenger for special offers, cart recovery, order updates to achieve 7-15% extra sales within 30 days

4.9 (15 reviews)


Whatsapp Live chat + Help + Share + Abandoned cart recovery

Key features

Individual customer support: Provide your customers a one on one channel to connect for help, make lifetime customers with individual customer support

Affordable marketing: A store owner should be likely to do affordable marketing. A completely nice application so share by means of smart chat for enormous order

Quick sharing with smart chat: Quick sharing using smart chat, customer or purchaser will be your promoter. Now store visitor can chat with administrator right on share

4.7 (162 reviews)


WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Email & Chat…

Key features

Works with all themes: It sure does! Even, it works with any customized themes.

Increase sales: Get more sales by improving your customer chat service and live support experiences.

Real time live chat: Let your visitors communicate with your support via WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Phone, Email, Instagram, and more

4.6 (3200 reviews)


WhatsApp Chat, Auto Abandoned Cart, FB Messenger, Reviews, FAQ

Key features

Boost Sales: Sale more by solving customer inquiries in seconds

Happy Customers: Fast support means happy customers

Designed for Beginners: Just add mobile number and you are done. Easiest chat for whatsapp