Compare Me ‑ Product Compare

Compare Me – Product Compare is a Shopify app which allows customers to easily compare store products. Users can compare price data, product similarities, and several other pre-defined product attributes.

With this app, store customers simply select products to compare, click ‘Compare Now,’ and benefit from an instant, fully themed, side by side product comparison table.

Let customers compare products with ease

Before customers add products to their shopping cart, they want to know if they get the most value for their money. Easily configurable AJAX compare tables can, therefore, help your customers to see product differences and help them to choose the best product.

Site-wide product comparison bar

In order to reduce the risk of a shopping cart being abandoned, the comparison bar hides discretely at the bottom of store web pages. One click on the ‘Compare Products’ tab, will then recall details of any products users have selected for comparison. Much more importantly, this data will be automatically saved, even if customers navigate away from your store pages.

Customize as you want

With the Compare Me – Product Compare app, store owners can configure comparison table colors and fonts as they please.

Shipping with over 20 in-built style options, store owners can stay in full control of how product pages and comparison tables are presented. The end result is a flawlessly finished, intuitive UI. One which helps drive sales by allowing customers to make more informed buying choices.

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