Everything you need to know about Shopify Buy Button

For years, businesses and individuals have struggled to find solutions to make the most of their websites and blogs to sell items. Through the process of looking for an answer, we figured out that one of the best ways to improve sales is to make the check-out process easier by using the Shopify Buy Button.

If you’re curious to learn more about it or looking for a guide on how to add a Shopify Buy Button to your website then you are in the right place!

What Is The Shopify Buy Button? 

Shopify buy button is a shortcut to the checkout process. Companies like Apple have started blending the ecommerce side into their website using buy buttons—offering visitors seamless user experiences.

The Shopify Buy Button is a feature that offers your customers the same experience with a smooth purchasing process. It allows you to easily generate an embeddable product card and checkout button that can be added to any website built on WordPress, Wix, Weebly or Squarespace.

The Shopify Buy Button also appears on all updates to a product’s details that you add into your product in your Shopify admin. This way, shoppers can finalize their orders directly on the external site or blog post without clicking away to another site.

Even better, you can create the buy button sales channel in all Shopify plans, starting from the Shopify Lite Plan. The Shopify Lite plan is for anyone in need of selling products without maintaining an online store. If you want to embed a Buy Button on your personal website or blog on WordPress or other website builders, then Shopify Lite plan is for you.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Shopify Buy Button


The Shopify Buy Button opens up a new way to sell products online. If you’re the owner of a site or blog with a lot of traffic, then there is no need to redirect people to your Shopify store just to finalize their orders. Instead, the Shopify Buy Button can be used to let customers directly purchase products on external sites or blog posts without having to go to another separate site.

For instance, Tiffany sells cosmetics for sun protection and she is a beauty blogger too. She writes a blog post on WordPress about the sunburn risk even on a cloudy day and adds the Shopify Buy Button to the blog post. When someone reads Tiffany’s blog post, she can choose to buy the suncream by clicking on the Buy Button. She then completes her order without having to leave the blog.

With buy buttons, the process of navigating to a separate page is taken away, which makes the purchasing process easier for shoppers.

Besides, the success of selling products on your external website or blog can be kept tracked through your Shopify admin.

By default, in the Shopify admin, you can see total sales, the average order value, and top selling products on your Wix/ Squarespace or WordPress site.


The Shopify Buy Button, however, doesn’t integrate with Shopify apps. If you get products modified by other apps (like the Product Personalizer app), these modifications won’t carry over to the Buy Button. The Buy Button can only show data which has been directly added into your Shopify dashboard.

The Shopify Buy Button typically only works with default Shopify product details and personalizations. In case your products are modified by other apps, make sure to test the Buy Button, or it may be easier to redirect visitors to your Shopify store.

5 Ways To Sell On Your Websites Or Blog By Using Shopify Buy Button

The birth of the Shopify Buy Button, in particular, is a revolution for bloggers, artists, influencers, and anyone who don’t run full-fledged e-commerce businesses, but want to sell products online. In the past, there was no way they could sell on their websites or blogs on WordPress, Wix or Squarespace. They had to set up a separate online store from their main websites or blogs. This separation interrupts the potential for a seamless customer experience.

The Shopify Buy Button is not only a call to action button to potential customers, but also makes the purchasing process easier for shoppers by taking away the long process of clicking to a separate page. Now, everyone can easily add e-commerce to any websites or blogs by embedding a single buy button or collection of products. Let’s take a look at some ways you can use Shopify Buy Buttons to sell more.

1. Sell Directly In Your Sidebar

If you’ve been growing an audience on your blog who can be potential customers and want to sell them your products  then using a Shopify Buy Button is the easiest way to start.

You can sell single products directly within your blog sidebar without the need to build an online store. It is also ideal to feature the product of each month, or to highlight something new and useful you want to sell.

2. Take The Benefit From Error Pages

It might sound strange, but your business can benefit from a well-designed error. While 404 pages sting – you can add a buy button directly onto your 404 page to keep visitors interested and make a sale rather than losing them. Let’s be creative with your words!

3. Add Products To A Landing Page

Shopify Buy Button is the simplest way to add an ecommerce function to any landing page on web builders like Wix, WordPress or Squarespace.

By copying the generated embed code from your Shopify admin, you can drop a buy button into any landing page of your choice.

Selling handmade items? Just use the Shopify buy button. Or you want to sell your photography? You can do that with Shopify Buy Button, too.

4. Sell Directly In Your Content

You want to launch a new item for sale on your blog? Simply paste the generated code into your blog post, and you are set for launch.

Besides, the button can be personalized by adjusting the color, size, and other features of the button to match your site’s theme. Doing it this way, you can easily launch your new product on your blogs.

5. Sell On Any Platform

In the early stage of your business when you are not ready to set up an entire store, you can sell on any platform like WordPress, Wix or Squarespace using the Shopify Buy Button.

How to add Shopify Buy Button to your website or blog?

After learning the benefits of the Shopify Buy Button, we would like to show you the steps to add the Shopify Buy Button to your website on WordPress, Wix, or Squarespace.

Step 0: Add Buy Button sales channel


Skip this step if you’ve added Buy Button sales channel before

1. In your Shopify admin, click the + button next to the Sales channels heading

2. On the Add sales channel dialog, click Buy Button to learn more about the sales channel.

3. Click Add Channel.

Step 1: Create a Buy Button

1. From your Shopify admin, go to Buy Button.

2. Click Create a Buy Button.

3. Click Product Buy Button or Collection Buy Button

4. Select the product (or collection) from your catalog or use the search to find a product (or collection). Click Select.

5. Once you select a product or collection, you can customize aspects of the button and preview the appearance. You can customize:

  • The way in which variants are displayed: in a dropdown form or a list form 
  • Whether to include product details like images and price, or just include a buy button.
  • Suitable colors for button, button text, and background.
  • What the button links to: Cart, Checkout or Product Model.
  • The button text.

6. Click Next.

7. Click Copy code.

Step 2: Add to website

Add to WordPress website

In editor, add new Custom HTML block.

Paste the HTML in step 1 here.

Add to Squarespace website

In editor, add new Code block.

Paste the HTML in step 1 here.

Add to Wix website

In editor, add HTML Embed section

Paste the HTML in step 1 here.

Examples Of Shopify Buy Now Buttons

According to the Shopify Buy Button usage statistics from builtwith.com, there are 38,573 websites using this button which includes location information, hosting data, contact details. In total, there are currently 19,898 live websites and an additional 30,989 domains that redirect to sites in this list. Much like Shopify localization, most of the sites use the button places in the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

To be more intuitive, let’s take a look at an example of a Shopify Buy Button on sugarfactory.com. In the landing page introducing trending items, they have added a purchase button of Exclusive Sugar Factory + Rad and Refined Lollipop and Flower Sunnies sunglasses. This will encourage buyers to immediately select the product, view the cart and checkout without having to navigate to another sale page. 

Another example is soundtoys.com, a site built on WordPress. They have added Shopify Buy Buttons on their product page, which allow shoppers to add products wanted to cart and checkout on the same page directly.


By now, you should thoroughly understand the Shopify Buy Button which can be easily embedded to any websites or blogs to help sell products, especially when that external site already gets a lot of traffic. You don’t need to shift all information about the product from your online store to your blog if you want to add an e-commerce component to your website.

Through our guideline above, you can easily integrate your products to any website builder like WordPress, Wix, Squarespace and so on. You should keep in mind the limitations of the Shopify Buy Button and try to leverage its advantages to get the most of its benefits.

Now you have all the solutions and advice to begin selling products on your own websites and business. Why not apply the Shopify Buy Button directly on your websites and blogs to increase sales from now on?